Saturday, August 20, 2016

ZnetShows New Arrivals Blog Hop

Welcome to the ZnetShows New Arrivals Blog Hop!

As a Znetshows Designer, I was given the opportunity to select some of Znetshows new arrival beads to use in designs.  I picked the new cultured sea glass to use.  I selected their two-hole button clothing beads.  I have always had a thing for buttons.  I have been collecting them for years.  In fact on a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, I added to my button collection when shopping at a few antique shops.

For this challenge I selected cultured sea glass flat freeform two-hole cherry red and royal blue button beads.  Take a close look at the red cultured sea glass beads and you will see why they are called two hole button clothing beads

Southwest Colored bracelet by BayMoonDesign
Southwest Colored Bracelet by BayMoonDesign 
 I think these beads are perfect for a charm bracelet design and I found these turquoise buttons in my button stash so I mixed them with the red cultured sea glass and created this fun red and turquoise sterling silver charm bracelet.  I love the southwest colors in this charms bracelet.  Red and turquoise are a favorite color combination of mine.  The red and turquoise photo at the top of my blog which served as my color inspiration.

Red and Blue Gunmetal Bracelet by BayMoonDesign
In an earlier summer blog, I selected a patriotic theme for my jewelry so that it could be worn especially on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Olympic Games celebrations. I made a couple of bracelets with red, white, and blue color theme. I used some vintage beads that have the US flag on them that I took off a bracelet that I had for years. The beads on the original bracelet were held together by elastic and was stretched out. It was just crying out for a make over. Since I sold both bracelets for that design challenge and still have a few flag beads left, I thought I would make another patriotic bracelet in a third design. I combined red and blue cultured sea glass two hole button clothing beads with trending black gunmetal links. The bracelet is available in my shop HERE.

Cherry Red Button Earrings by BayMoonDesign
Of course, I have to make some matching earrings for these bracelets. I designed large, modern cherry red earrings using the two-hole cherry red button clothing beads . I love the casual look of the red cultured sea glass with the large sterling silver ear wires. These are cherry red earrings that are about 2 inches long from the top of the ear wire. The color makes them perfect for lots of holidays like Labor Day, Olympics celebrations, Christmas, Valentine's.  They are available for purchase HERE.

Silver Fish Necklace by BayMoonDesign

When I was in Key West, Florida this winter, I picked up a few silver fish focals. I paired one of the large silver fish with royal blue faux sea glass button clothing beads, black chain, and a white and blue ceramic to create this multi strand necklace. The outer strand of the blue and black necklace is 20 inches around. This fish pendant necklace is versatile enough to wear with jeans as well as a little black dress. It makes a great gift for someone who appreciates contemporary jewelry.

I love these two hole button clothing beads and Znetshows New Arrivals.  How do you like what I created for this challenge?  

Now, grab a cool drink and enjoy seeing what the other designers in the challenge have created.  Just click on their names to view their blogs about the designs with the same beads I selected as well as other beads from the new arrivals.  Enjoy!  I know I will.
Karla Morgan (revealing on 8/22/16)


  1. Kathy, I am DROOLING over your work with the cultured sea glass!!!!!! I absolutely can't get enough of the color way in the first bracelet with the cherry red sea glass and the blue buttons. Simply gorgeous. But all the pieces are so perfect. Just beautiful work!

  2. Thank you! I was drooling over your gorgeous jewelry.

  3. Oh, red and turquoise/aqua are definitely a favorite color palette of mine as well. The sea glass buttons pair so well with the other ones you have! Makes me kinda wish I had jumped in on this challenge too. Oh, and I love the way you connected the buttons in the patriotic bracelet and added the additional jump ring on the buttons. Very cool.
    Finally, the necklace. . .that fish pendant is so stinking neat! I think it goes really well with the sea glass too.
    You totally rocked this challenge and made those buttons shine!

  4. Awesome work Kathy! I love the red and blue also...I like how you used the buttons...makes me want to get some and try my hand at them. Great Job!

  5. You made quite a bit with such a short time. Love the necklace and how you used all the two holed beads with jump rings as links. Great job.

  6. What great designs! I bet that first bracelet makes beautiful music when it's worn.

    And all the different ways you used the buttons. You are an inspiration.

  7. I have to agree with Shaiha! I especially like your fish necklace.

  8. My favorite is the first bracelet, so cute! I'm really liking the sea glass buttons.

    1. Ann-I tried all sorts of beads with that first bracelet. When I discovered my decade old buttons, I knew this was the direction to go. Very happy with the bracelet!

  9. Hi Kathy, you did a wonderful job with the sea glass buttons. Using jump rings to connect the was a really good idea. My favorite is the bracelet because aqua is my favorite color although royal blue is a close second. The necklace appeals to me also.

  10. Becky-I bought a ton of the 10mm jump rings and wondered why. I have slowly used most of them up. I love them.

  11. Great designs and great colors! Love the necklace!

  12. I'm absolutely in LOVE with your flag piece! it's so dern cute! I'm kinda a weirdo when it comes to patriotic stuffs - I love it. I'm an Olympic FREAK! =) Ask my family - they'll tell you - I even have team USA mittens that say "Go" on 1 hand and "USA" on the other. =) SO, I've been rocking the USA stuffs too. GREAT pieces, as always, Kathy!

    Linda A.

  13. Hi Kathy, You are HOT! Those are wonderful pieces & I love the way you incorporated the buttons with the "buttons". Too cool!