Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Art Jewelry Elements Challenge Theme Is Trees

The September Art Jewelry Elements  challenge is to create something using beads, jewelry or make a decorative item inspired by the subject. You could choose felting, polymer clay, ceramics, beads… the media and finished piece is entirely up to you.  Trees is the theme for September. 

I love this theme because I am inspired by nature.  I admire John Muir for his ability to see the beauty in nature and influence others to appreciate it.  

Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.  --John Muir

I also admire Teddy Roosevelt. As president, Roosevelt created five national parks (doubling the previously existing number); signed the landmark Antiquities Act and used its special provisions to unilaterally create 18 national monuments, including the Grand Canyon; set aside 51 federal bird sanctuaries, four national game refuges, and more than 100 million acres' worth of national forests.
Yosemite National Park

I have enjoyed visiting a number of our National Parks and I appreciate what these two men did to insure that some of the best wilderness sites in the United States are preserved for future generations to enjoy.  The above photo above shows the very spot in Yosemite National Park where the two men discussed the notion of creating National Parks.  

Sequoia trees at Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park is spectacular.  The sequoia trees in this park are amazing to see. It is hard to comprehend the size of these giant trees.  These trees are earth’s largest and longest-living trees.  

A few minutes ago every tree was excited, bowing to the roaring storm, waving, swirling, tossing their branches in glorious enthusiasm like worship. But though to the outer ear these trees are now silent, their songs never cease.-- John Muir

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I used a tree pendant and round blue bead by Brooke Bock to create a copper tree necklace that reminds me of a tree during a snow storm. Along with Bock beads, I added a copper bead to a length of copper to create the loops in this one of a kind focal. I also made the copper clasp. I combined copper chain, blue agate, and white shell beads to give the blue necklace an earthy look. It is available for purchases HERE.

                                                      Tree Necklace by BayMoonDesign

Christmas Tree Earrings by BayMoonDesign

The photo of the winter snow scene brings Christmas to mind.  Awhile ago I bought some rustic ceramic trees by ceramic artist Mary Harding.  I made them into a pair of Christmas tree earrings. Each earring has a handmade ceramic green tree and a red crystal shinning on the top. The ear wires, jump rings and headpins are made from sterling silver.  They are available for purchase HERE.

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This challenge also inspired me to try something new.  I was gifted some green paper with a tree on it along with some other prints and I thought this paper would be perfect to cover a cigar box that I had sitting in a closet.  I also had some scrapbook paper that looked like old newsprint that I used to line the inside of the box.  I have never done this before and I am pleased by how it turned out.  I plan to put feet on the box, a knob, and hinges. It is going to be a gift for my son.

Outside Tree cigar box by BayMoonDesign

                                                     inside of Tree Cigar Box by BayMoonDesign

I was so pleased by how well it turned out that I made one for my son-in-law which also needs to have the hardware added.   I have plans to do one for my daughter also.  I really enjoyed working on them.

Thank you Carolyn, for the inspiration behind the necklace and tree box.  Please see what all of the participants were inspired to create.  Kind words are appreciated!

AJE Team

Kathy Lindemer  (here)


  1. Really enjoyed your post Kathy! I'd love to see Sequoia trees in real life one day!

    Love your jewellery designs and the box is looking amazing so far. I'd love to see it again when it's complete! Thanks for joining us in the challenge :)

  2. You photos are lovely! I never get tired of taking photos of trees. I love your necklace. You did a great job of combining the components for the tree pendant. And your box is wonderful! Love that idea.

  3. I remember seeing the Sequoias as a kid :& taking my kids there, too! Your box is most intriguing-beautiful work.

  4. Your pieces are really lovely Kathy and I really love what you did with the box!

  5. Very pretty ethereal necklace and I love where you're going with the box...hope it comes out as you want it to.

  6. The copper is so lovely with the blue and aqua tones in Brooke's bead. The box is going to be super cool. Thanks for joining us!

  7. I really enjoyed the brief history lesson of Yosemite National Park, my daughter has just finished her photography degree and her final piece was on the photographer Ansel Adams and his iconic photos of Yosemite National Park so your blog really captured me, so much so I almost forgot why I was reading until I loved your finished piece :)

  8. Lovely photos and interesting story. And so sweet necklace! And very nice idea to cower the sicar box. Well done.

  9. Your necklace is lovely. And those earrings are so sweet. Your covered box turned out very well. I am also a big fan of our National Park system. I know it doesn't get nearly the budget needed to maintain it, which makes me sad. I hope those wild and historic spaces are preserved to inspire many many future generations.

  10. That necklace is beyond lovely! It really does bring to mind a walk through the woods. And that box is fantastic! I am sure that your son will treasure it.

  11. Wow Kathy, I love your necklace and your post, and that box is so nice, I'm sure your family will love them! I participated at the last minute:

  12. I am so honored that my beads made it into your design. I really love the necklace and it was nice to see my beads used in a fresh new way....