Friday, September 16, 2016

We're All Ears September Challenge Sept

[Photo credit :: Lee Aik Soon :: Singapore :: Unsplash]
The September We're All Ears Challenge is to pick one of the spectacular city images from their blog that captures your imagination and make a pair of earrings inspired by the image.  I live in a small-sized town. The tallest building we have might reach up to 3 stories. There are hardly any elevators in the town and no escalators.  We joke that children from here have to go out of the county to experience escalators. 

I love the glitter and large scale of city buildings. Obviously, there are no sky scrapers to be found here in Lewes, Delaware. I was fascinated by all of the photos that were offered as inspiration, but I was drawn to the photo of the city of Singapore.  The orange, grays, and blacks just jump right out. 

City inspired earrings by BayMoonDesign
I captured the colors in the photo with my choice of beads are wires for this pair of modern urban earrings.  These long black earrings have black and gray square Czech beads paired with small orange Chinese crystals, black Czech beads and tiny square metal beads.  I used square beads to mirror the square and rectangular lines in the photo and gunmetal ear ear wires for an industrial look. These earrings are available for purchase HERE.

How do you think I did capturing the spirit and colors of the photo?


  1. I loved that picture just for the pops of orange! I like those czech beads. Never seen them before. They evoke the right shape and style for this month's inspiration. So happy you could play along! Enjoy the day! Erin

    1. I believe I got the beads from Lima Beads. I have ordered them several times. They also come with beads that are a dark brown with a copper center.

    2. Lima does sometimes have those... so does Nirvana Beads. :) I've got that shape in several color families. They are super fun!

  2. I love these earrings. So fitting for this challenge. And the colores chose are spot on.

  3. The beads are very interesting. I just happened to see the Delaware river curving sinuously through Philadelphia from an aeroplane ( as I was flying to Orlando)and loved looking at it. Skyscrapers are overrated in my opinion, there is nothing as beautiful as nature

  4. I'm like Erin. I've never seen those square beads before. I love the rustic looking centre to them

  5. Fun use of those square and cubed beads, Kathy! Love how you captured the colors and shapes from the photo!

  6. Great - these earrings reference the picture so well!