Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge Week 5

Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge by Heather Powers is so much fun, but it keeps me a little too busy.  I missed posting for week 5 last week.   I even missed seeing the prompt.  While reading some blogs I came across the assignment fo Week 5.  The challenge is to make over an old piece of jewelry. 

I decided to redo a pair of earrings 

 I really love the pink patina bead caps that I bought and the large crystals that I used them with, but I have never been happy with the flowers that I put on the earrings.  So when I was send 2 hot pink beads for a blog hop, I immediately know I would use them to redo the earrings.

Hot Pink Earrings by BayMoonDesign
 All it took was a few new beads that were the perfect color to inspire this redo.  I am so much happier with these earrings.  I am glad Heather keeps me focused on improving.  It is well worth the time investment.


  1. I missed the prompt too! Your redone earrings are lovely.

  2. I missed the prompt too! Just getting started here. You did a wonderful job with the earrings, Kathy! They look great! Interesting that we can really trust ourselves when we don't like something -- a clear message that it isn't ready yet as art, and needs time and/or additional materials, techniques. I love the beautiful pink earrings remade new again!