Friday, April 18, 2014

Earrings Everyday Challenge: April 2014

April's Challenge inspiration photo is from  Pottery Barn catalog

April's inspiration for the Earrings Everday Challenge comes from the pages of Pottery Barn. The photo is is from the sale section of that site with these sweet little Skylark plates
What inspires me from this springy tablescape? 

The plates have a darling bird with lots of curves.   I love the soft leafy greens in the striped linens and the green glassware.    The dark brown wood table, twisted rope placemats, the tiny golden berries, the outline of the bird bowl and the modular hammered silverware are all special to me. I decided to zero in on the browns of the table, placemates, and especially the brown bowl in the back.
Earthy Brown Earrings with Lots of Circles
I am struck by all of the circular shapes in the photo.  The bird on the round plates, the round brown bowl, the round placemats.  I have been wanting to create some of my own components for challenges so I pulled out these antiqued silver-plated filigree teardrops.  I applied patina, sanded, and sealed them.  The brown colors in the photo and in my earrings remind me of the rich color of the soil after it has been plowed in preparation for spring planting.  These earrings are available for purchase in my Esty shop.

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  1. I am so glad that you are playing along! I love this tablescape. My own dishes would fit in with these. I love the deep browns, the texture of the placemat. Never really considered the bowl! Thank you for pointing that texture out to me! Thanks for joining in the We're All Ears Challenge. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. There was so much in this photo to draw our inspiration from. Your earrings are very nicely patina-ed to pick up the brown colors in the photo!

  3. You hooked me when you mentioned spring planting. I can't wait to start gardening! I like the way you focused on "lots of circles" and used patina to alter the metal components.

  4. There is so much fun to be had with patina effects isn't what you did here, fab earrings, I would wear these with pride xx

  5. Hi, Kathy. In your comment on my blog, you asked about disc cutters. I answered that question in a reply on my blog, but I'm not sure of you saw it. So here was my reply:

    "The disc cutter story is a long one. I drooled over disc cutters and searched forever to find the best product and value. I finally decided on the Ikohe 11-piece set from Otto Frei. I love it, and I am having such fun playing round with the possibilities. Here's a link to the cutter: "

  6. I find it so interesting that each of us sees something totally different in the inspiration photo. I love your take on it! For me, it was not so much the shapes, but the colors (the greens and yellows in particular) that caught my eye :) Great design!

  7. Beautiful earrings!! Love the earth colour...