Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Invention for Bead Table Wednesday

Bead Table Wednesday is designed to help share what is on our table today. Heather Powers of Humblebeads is the driving force behind this and thank goodness for her.  I know I need some incentive to get things done.  This week I am finishing some pieces that I applied patina to last week.  I completed the painting and sanding.  I was left with putting the sealant on the pieces.
Drying rack for earring components that had patina applied to them
I love to repurpose things.  I made this drying rack from a knick knack that I inherited when my husband and I bought a furnished condo in the Florida Keys.  This knick knack once was a stand for a sea shell that had seen better days. This is my new drying rack for items drying after sealant is applied.  All I did was string a piece of wire across.  I just unwind the wire to hang my items on and take off.  It gets the job done and it has a new life.

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  1. Love how you turned the nick knack into a drying rack. Great idea.