Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday and Art Bead Scene April Challenge

Degas and Swaying Dancer (Dancer in Green) with color palette by
 This month's Art Bead Scene Challenge is Swaying Dancer (Dancer in Green) by Degas.  The artist was fascinated by the world of ballet.  Ballet figures prominently in many of his paintings. Here, the group of dancers is shown in mid-performance, as viewed from an upper side box. Only one of the girls in green is shown full-length, captured as she executes a swift, complicated turn. The other figures are cropped, leaving the viewer to imagine the rest. In the background, a number of ballerinas dressed in orange stand against the landscape scenery, awaiting their turn.

I usually wait to read what Brandi Hussey says about the color palette and always refer to the palette.  For this painting, Hussey says "there are so many colors in this piece, but we can separate them down to four: beige, orange, blue, and blue-green. There are touches of other colors in there, too, like green, but those four are the ones used most or are the first seen (like orange)."
Green and Orange Necklace available for purchase

The necklace uses a green focal by Marsha Neal Studio.  This focal has hints of orange and  blue greens in it.  The colors in it are in the painting.  The round, swirls in the focal remind me of the dancer's circular tutus. I used copper in the focal and necklace because it reminds me of the oranges in the painting.  The circular clasp by Bay Moon Design is copper and has swirls to mirror the tutus. My orange ceramic beads come from WORK OF OUR HANDS an African women's project in Namibia .    I selected these orange and some blue green ceramics because they are in the Degas.  This necklace is available for purchase.  

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  1. I love your monthly challenge piece - Marsha's focal was the perfect choice!

  2. You captured the spirit of the painting well.