Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jeans Inspire Me

Bay Moon Design Necklace
Jeans inspire me!  I love my jeans so much that I sometimes save my favorite pairs and recycle them into beads.  Then I repurpose them into jewelry like this necklace.  In this necklace I paired the denim beads with large red lacquered pearls.  I used  one of my favorite color combinations- red, white, and blue.  This necklace looks great with denim or white.  You can find it in my shop at

I found a great giveaway by a team member.  I am a member of a very supportive team of etsy shop owners--The Etsy Treasury Team  also known as etteam.  Jaci Wollenberg is  of my fellow members is having a giveaway.    It's a $25 gift certificate that can be used at any one of her 3 Etsy shops, By the Way, By the Wayside, and By the By.  To enter visit my team's blog for the details.  The blog is located at  .  Personally, I am hoping to win it. I adore her denim and chocolate scarf.   The combination of blue and brown is another one of my favorites.  I wear jeans a lot and it is perfect to pair with jeans.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

By the Way Scarf

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