Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cats and Zen

Cats Were Popular in Ancient Egypt
In making jewelry, I have found that there is a zen to the process.  First there is the inspiration.  My inspiration for a necklace that I made this month came from my recent trip to Great Britain.  Most folks who know me are well aware of the fact that I love cats. At present,  I have 3 Siamese cats.  When I was in the British Museum in London, I came across the gorgeous cat.  She reminded me of the  one of  kind, custom cat focal bead that I have had for several years. I had been meaning to make it into a necklace, but never got around to it.  When I got home from the trip and was going through my photos, I discovered the cat once again and I realized that now was the time to make it.  I had finally collected all of the special pieces that were need to make this whimsical necklace.

 There are several whimsical details incorporated into this necklace like a fish charm that dangles from the cat and a fish clasp. Sterling silver chain and gray freshwater pearls add to the rich look of the necklace. I love to use freshwater pearls in my jewelry.   I added crystals and some tiny sterling silver beads for some sparkle.

Whimsical Cat Necklace by Bay Moon Design
I had the cat focal piece and fish charm for several years. They were purchased before the price of silver sky rocketed.  Next , I found these beautiful gray freshwater pearls. This year I located the fish clasp from another Etsy shop in Canada. When I finally decided I had all of the ingredients that I needed for my cat necklace, I purchased the sterling silver chain from my favorite bead store Sparkles in Newark, Delaware. There is definitely a zen to jewelry making.  It wasn't until I had all the raw ingredients and the inspiration that I created this one of a kind necklace for a cat lover.

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