Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fashion Report from Great Britain

I just returned from Great Britain.  I was lucky enough to be in London the weekend before the royal wedding of William and Kate.  I also flew back to the US from London the day after the wedding along with a TV crew and an AP reporter that I spotted.  The US stewardess's all wore hats that they had created for the London street parties.  The hats had wonderful netting and feathers.  Personally, I am glad we have abandoned those types of hats in the US.

 I will pass on some of my fashion observations.  The Italian tourists seem to be the very best dressers; followed by the French.   Everyone including the men wear scarves.   I managed to buy 2 scarves for my collection which my husband claims to exceed 100.  I really don't think 100 scarves is excessive and I am pretty sure I don't have that many.  The women all wear skinny jeans except for me.  I wore my bell bottoms that I snagged on eBay. 

Beaded Cuff By PJLacass
As far as jewelry goes.  I love the wide beaded cuff bracelets that the Europeans are all wearing.  One of my Etsy Treasury Team Members PJLacasse creates lovely ones.  The sight of all of these cuff bracelets has inspired me to start working a few that I have have designed in my mind.  I hope that I can find time to actually make a few crocheted cuffs prior to by next craft fair in Lewes, Delaware, which is fast approaching.  Memorial Day Weekend  is almost here  Summer is not far off!

When I was riding on the Tube in London, I had to control my lust for a gorgeous beaded cuff bracelet that I spotted on a young woman.  Not only was it a beautiful cuff bracelet, but it had a watch in the center.  I loved it!  I found it interesting that many young European women still wear watches.  I haven't given my watches up yet even though my son reminds me that there is no need for watches.  Cell phone have replaced the need for watches. 

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