Sunday, October 13, 2013

Catching Up for the AJE Earring Challenge Reveal 19 and Craft Fair Plans

Banners - Medium by Vistaprint

I am gearing up for the holiday season in my Etsy store and for the 3 craft fairs that I am planning on doing in November and December.  My plans include adding a banner to the front of my table.  I made one on Vistaprint.  It was easy to make.  I selected a banner that allowed me to include photos of a pair of earrings, a bracelet. and necklace.  I hope that this will draw buyers to my table.  I plan to put it on the front of my table cloth.  This will eliminate a sign that I put on my table and free up some space for jewelry.  Also, it should make my table more professional looking.  November 2 is my first craft fair of the season.  It is Delaware by Hand Holiday Market and it features a group of artists and artisans from Delaware.  The fair is held in Dover, the capital of Delaware from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  The admission is free.

I am caught up on my earrings for the AJE Earring Challenge.  I got behind while on vacation in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  Earrings are my best seller so I am focusing on adding to my selection in my Etsy store and for my craft fairs.  I feel catching up with the earring challenge is good use of my time.
Artisan Purple Ceramic Earrings available in Bay Moon Design Etsy Store
These are fun handmade ceramic earrings. The purple and turquoise earrings are made with artisan crackle beads by Scorched Earth. I added handmade purple ceramic beads by blueberribeads for their color. Gunmetal earwires are used to compliment the gray in the crackle beads. 

Mother Nature loves purple and turquoise too!
I got my inspiration for these purple and turquoise earrings from this photo of a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park.  Mother nature likes the combination too.

Copper and brown earrings are available for purchase 

These copper and brown earrings have bronze and white crackle strip added to them. They combine handmade artisan crackle beads by Scorched Earth with copper spiral beads for a boho look. Copper earwires are used to compliment the copper beads and brown in the crackle beads.

Hot spring in Yellowstone with lots of browns and coppers for inspiration
I love the brown and copper together.  Mother Nature does too.  I found this lovely brown and copper hot spring in Yellowstone National Park and I had to get a photo of it to save for inspiration.


  1. so earthy and pretty! love the new earrings

  2. I'm glad mother nature loves purple and turquoise, because that's my favorite! Gorgeous earrings! Thanks for sharing them.