Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yoga in Florida and the Expansion of my Yoga Jewelry Line

Buddha Bracelet by Bay Moon Design is available for $35
In July,  I mentioned that I started doing yoga several years ago at the Sussex Family YMCA in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.   I have had a number of different, and all excellent yoga instructors, but Iris has been my instructor the longest.  Iris is close to my age so it gives me hope that someday I will be able to do most everything she can.  Also, most of the folks in the class are close to my age--old.  I can do many more poses now than when I started.  Progress is slow, but steady. As you may know I spend the winter months in the Key Largo. Florida.  I am happy to say that I located a wonderful yoga studio so that I can continue my practice there. 

 Key Largo Yoga and Holistic Health Coaching is a real challenge for me.  It is very different from my experience at the Y.  First of all, it is a yoga studio so it has more ambiance than the Y.  Also, my instructor is younger and so is the class.  I am older than the instructor by over a decade and the students; several decades.  It is a humbling experience for me.  I know, you aren't suppose to compare yourself to others in a class, but I can't help it!  While the class is doing head stands I do something else.  As winter approaches I find myself trying to mentally and physically prepare for the challenge.  I have cut back on the swimming and substituted the bike twice a week.  I am hoping to build my leg muscles.

I have added some yoga jewelry section to my Etsy store because I love yoga and I know others who do.   I have expanded the line.  The ceramic buddha bracelet is the first yoga bracelet.  The ceramic was made by Blu Mudd Design.  I love the colors in the glaze.  I hope to add a few more bracelets.

You might wonder what the connection is between Buddha and yoga.  The number one thing that Buddhist practice offers is mindfulness, which broadens your ability to manifest your values in your life. Mindfulness was the meditation  Buddha himself practiced and taught. It was his basic prescription for human suffering. Looking at life with an open and non judgemental attention, we see our confusion and develop insight. This is the basis of all Buddhist practice and is encouraged by the practice of yoga. 


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  1. Good for you for keeping up on the yoga! I used to do yoga regularly and loved it, but can't seem to find he time these days!