Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yellowstone National Park in an Inspiration for AJE Earrings Challenge, Reveal 17

Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park
 Reveal 17!  Yes, I am late, but I have a great reason--vacation and no high speed Internet.  You probably noticed that I haven't kept up with the AJE Challenge of making a pair of earrings a week.  I am determine to catch up and complete the challenge. 

Luckily I got back from visiting two national parks before the government closed them and mother nature dumped more snow on them.  I visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming for the first time and what an experience.  It is hard to say what is most spectacular-- the geysers, or flora and fauna.  Old Faithful is just one of the geysers there.  I saw first hand why it is called Old Faithful.  It blows water and steam on a regular and predictable cycle.  The other geysers do there own thing. 

One of the many hot springs at Yellowstone
 I loved seeing all of the different colored hot springs there.  This particular one has wonderful shades of green, yellow, gray, and white, and brown.  I used it for the inspiration for two new pairs of earrings. 

These earrings capture the earthy shades of brown and amber in the hot springs. These starfish earrings are made with handmade artisan polymer clay beads combined with Czech glass beads. The beautiful polymer clay bead are by artisan Humblebeads and are white with a tan design. The Czech glass beads have a hint of yellow in them which goes well with the gold earwires.

These stripped green, white, and gray earrings are made with handmade artisan polymer clay beads by artisan Humblebeads and gorgeous crackle beads by Scorched Earth on Etsy. Gunmetal earwires are used to compliment the gray in the crackle beads.
Hot spring in Yellowstone National Park

The number of thermal features in Yellowstone is estimated at 10,000.  The bubbling waters and pools in Yellowstone National Park are much too hot for soaking.  The colors are amazing.  I used this hot spring as my inspiration for the stripped earrings.  I love green and this particular shade in a favorite.

By the way, have you seen the snow reports for this area for early October?  I am impressed and glad we got back with just a sighting of a light snow there.

I am still behind in the challenge, but I will catch up.

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