Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oct. is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Pink Glove Dance Sweeps Medical Centers Across the Nation!

Pink Glove Dancers at Mount Rushmore
 Recently, I took a break from my baymoondesign etsy store and jewelry making and went out West.  I went Mount Rushmore early one morning and spotted these folks dancing up a storm wearing lots of pink.  I didn't know why but I guessed that they were connected with breast cancer survivors.  I did a little research and discovered that they were part of a contest among hospitals and doing their version of the Pink Glove Dance.

Could it be any more fitting to the goal of the Pink Glove Dance itself: to remind us of the disease that is breast cancer, but to do it in a way that celebrates the survivor, the community and the  power of a good laugh?  Competitors throughout North and Central America are making the news with the creation of their Pink Glove Dance videos.  Take a look at all of the great stories and see if your town has been featured!

Voting begins October 25thYou can vote for the best choreography, most money raised for breast cancer awareness, most people in a video, best story, most views and artist's choice! 
The hospital that wins the national competition will receive a $25,000 donation toward the breast cancer charity of its choice.  All competing videos will be posted on the website on Oct. 25, with the voting period then running through Nov. 8.

(you need to have adobe flash to view video or you may go to

I found my dancers on You Tube!
To show their support in the fight against breast cancer, hundreds of Regional Health employees in the Black Hills of South Dakota perform in their version of the "Pink Glove Dance". More than 30 departments from Regional Health hospitals, clinics, corporate offices, and senior care facilities within Regional Health family participate in the video which was filmed by Linn Productions. Local cancer survivors danced at Mt. Rushmore and are also featured in the video.
They are getting my vote!  What do you think?

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