Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jewelry Mojo Challenge Week 10: Fashion and Beads

This week we are going to do some window shopping to find our inspiration.  If you sell your jewelry knowing what colors are popular and the major trends can help inspire new designs. Another reason to look toward clothing stores - you'll get to know your idea client a little better.

The Assignement:
Create a piece of jewelry inspired by your favorite clothing catalog or online store.

BayMoonDesign Style Summer 2014

This collection of dresses from Anthropologie inspired me to create a  denim blue and white collection of 3 bracelets that can be worn individually or stacked.  You could even add a couple of silver bangles to this collection of bracelets.  Denim, blue, and stacked bracelets are all big fashion trends for summer 2014.

Stacked bracelets in blue and white by BayMoonDesign

These 3 bracelets are available in my esty shop to purchase HERE.


  1. I love your bracelets and they look so good together. I've miss so many of Heather's challenges but I really need to do them.

  2. Love the inspiration and those bracelet are awesome! perfect for summer