Sunday, February 2, 2014

Manatee SIghting Inspires Cuff Bracelet

Fish Cuff available on my BayMoonDesign online store

If you are like me, you have a stash of beads that you have purchased with plans to use, but rarely a time frame in which to use them.  This fall I purchase a gorgeous stoneware cuff from MartisButtonsnBeads.  I was drawn to it because of the colors, the fish motif, and the fact that it is stoneware--a natural material.   I brought the cuff with me from Delaware to the Florida Keys were I am spending the winter.

Manatees love fresh water.  You can spot them after it rains.

All last winter here in the Keys I saw this sign and everyday I looked for manatees.  I never saw one.  I thought this must be a cruel joke.  Last winter it didn't rain much at all here while I was here.  This is usually the case because the winter is the dry season in the Florida Keys.  This winter there has been a lot of rain here.  Manatees love fresh water so I am guessing that is why I spotted one yesterday !  I was really excited to say the least.  In fact when I went kayaking this morning I spotted another.

Manatee hanging around in our marina

This manatee sighting inspired me to get the stoneware cuff out and make it into a bracelet.  It is now colorful fish bracelet.   The fish has a multicolored body of turquoise, red, and black and the cuff is made from brown stoneware clay. There are two matching red stoneware beads in this bracelet. Along with the red beads, I added black, turquoise, and a multicolored bead to the 2 strands that are attached to the bar. I also used gold beads and clasp play on the to add warmth and sparkle.  I think the manatee did a great job inspiring the bracelet!

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