Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday-Crocheted Necklace with Quartz Gemstones from Aunties

Crocheted Quartz Necklace by Bay Moon Design
This Wednesday,  I have a completed a multicolored crocheted necklace that I make before leaving for our 6 week camping trip.  I found these luscious multi-color quartz top drilled nugget beads while cruising through Aunties Beads website.  I noticed there were 20,  5 star reviews  for these beads so I thought I would see what folks said.  In reading one of the reviews, a beader mentioned that these beads were wonderful in a crocheted necklace that she made.  I ran with that idea!  I agree.  The colors remind me of autumn leaves so I added a leaf clasp.

Fall Leaves with shades of pink, orange, and yellow
Aunties Beads has a number of different kinds of quartz beads in addition to the multi-colored ones that I used in this necklace.  They also have a wide variety of other gemstones such as amethyst, carnelian, rose quartz, topaz, agate, tiger's eye, jasper, jade, malachite, obsidian, and turquoise just to name a few.

In the gemstone section of Aunties website, you can find design tips like combining pink quartz with a mocha color bead.  I agree that makes a winning combination.  You can also find the history of some of the gems. 

In addition to great products like their gemstones, Aunties Beads is a terrific resource.  I should know I spend a lot of time shopping online!  Just ask my husband!  He knows too!  The UPS drovers love him, he helps them get lots of overtime with his Amazon Prime shipping. 

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