Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Online Store Travels to Sedona, Arizona and Faces Problems

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Sedona, Arizona is a small town with lots of natural beauty. When you see Sedona it is easy to see why Native Americans regarded it as sacred.  The red rock formations and the green of the forests are striking.   Sedona continues to be recognized as a place of healing and spiritual renewal by many.   It is home to many artists. 

Our trip began on what use to be an old road to Sante Fe
You can't help but notice the pink jeeps that go through the town.  We decided to see what they were all about and had a great time. For 2 hours we went up into the red-rock formations and enjoyed a trail filled with scenic beauty. We got a great view of the famous red rock monoliths.

Mogollon Rim

We traveed up in elevation towards the Mogollon Rim and got a panoramic view of Sedona and the Verde Valley.  We took advantage of these larger-than-life views of the lowland desert combined with the evergreen forest of the high plateau to take lots of photos.

Sedona, Arizona

  While others might just want to prowl the 40-plus art galleries lining the streets or to receive soothing treatments from the dozens of spas there we opted for enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

When returning to our campsite in Flagstaff, we had a serious Internet problem to deal with.  My BayMoonDesign online Etsy store had several orders to get into the mail.  Unfortunately,  on the way to Flagstaff our hot spot died.  We called Verizon and they were very co-operative about replacing it and sending the new one to a campsite that we knew we would be at 4 days into the future.  In fact, we would be at the campsite for 3 days so it offered a perfect window for getting this delivery.  Meanwhile, I still had these 2 orders to get out.  One was to Ireland and the other to California.  We had Internet at our campsite and we were able to set up our iphone as a hot spot. Using the iphone as a hot spot was important to the trip since we were counting on it for our traveling directions. I was counting on the hot spot to allow my computer to print on my network printer.  Even though the campsite had Internet the problem now was that the campsite network wouldn't allow the addition of our printer to their network.  I can't blame them for that.  The campground did have a "business center" (really old and huge monitor, computer, and printer)  that allowed me to email my .pdf of the shipping labels to myself and use their printer to print them out.  The problem was solved and the orders went in the mail the next day!

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  1. Sedona is really a beautiful place, but had to laugh at the 'tourist strip' there.... we had such a giggle with the crystals and healing stuff there - lol