Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Color Inspiration Challenge

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson of Sharly's Jewelry and Reflections blog posted a color challenge to create jewelry using specific color combinations.  The challenge is to post photos of jewelry that use at least 2 of the colors from the following 4 combinations:
#1:  dark pink, yellow, dark purple
#2:  lime green, yellow, pinkish-red
#3:   periwinkle, berry, yellow, green
#4:  raspberry/fuschia, carnation pink, bright yellow, sage green  
#3:   periwinkle, yellow, and  green colors
Since arms are bared in the summer, I have also been trying to add more bracelets to my shop. This floral bracelet is a great summer bracelet.  The periwinkle in this bracelet bar just called out to me.  Adding more green to the bracelet came naturally since the bracelet bar has green in it.  I used yellow to add some pop and the bronze metal that I used worked well with yellow. 

#1:  yellow, dark purple
In the spring, I made this bracelet.  It sold quickly so I used this same basic design for the periwinkle bracelet.  This bracelet began with the gorgeous purple and yellow square bead with flowers. I followed the lead from this bead and added more beads and crystals with yellow and dark purple.

#1:   yellow, dark purple 
This yellow and purple stacked bracelet is great for the summer.  I found the large dark purple beads and fell in love with the rich color.  Yellow seemed an natural selection for a complimentary color.
#2:  lime green, yellow

This lime green and yellow floral necklace resulted from a bead blog where I was sent beads from Lisa Lodge which included the lime green ones in this necklace.  I wanted to used the yellow flower for the focal and I happened to have a pink headpin for it.  I pulled some yellow, pink, and green, quartz beads and a pink quartz clasp from my bead collection and this summer necklace is the result.

#1:   yellow, dark purple

I have been adding yoga themed jewelry to my Etsy store.  When I spotted these pretty lotus flowers I new I had to have them for earrings.  I found these 2 dark purple round beads that bring out the purple in the hand painted ceramics.  The yellow of the gold metal seemed like a natural fit for the purple lotus earrings
Lisa Lodge sent me this gorgeous focal by Sharyl's Jewelry.

Unbeknownst to our hostess Sharyl, I received one of her gorgeous patinaed focals from Lisa Lodge to use in Lisa's Summer Color Challenge to be held on Aug. 24.  I would love to show you what I created with this focal and all of the gorgeous beads that Lisa sent me.  Since most of the beads  are all various shades of purple, the jewelry that I made with them fits in with this challenge really well.  I don't want to ruin the reveal on Aug. 24 so I'm not posting those pieces.    

Thank you Sharyl for organizing this blog hop!  Please visit Sharyl and the other participants to see how they use these colors. 

Blog Hop Participant List:

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson     Sharyl’s Jewelry    (Host)

Kashmira Patel   .....    Sadafulee...always in bloom! 

Lisa Lodge   .....   A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures 

Tanty Sri Hartanti   ....   TJewellicious by Tanti      

Kathy Lindemer ....  Bay Moon Design    

Laren Dee Barton ... Laren Dee Designs      

Melissa Trudinger  ... Beadrecipes    


  1. Kathy, what lovely bracelet designs! I said it could be easy to participate in this blog hop by using designs already made. I'm so glad someone took me up on that offer! I'm so happy to get to look up each of these lovely creations. You have obviously been very busy this summer!

    I'm so excited and pleased (and was very surprised indeed) to see one of my metal components appear here! I'll anxiously await yet another reveal this month so I can see what you created with it! My thanks to Lisa for sharing my work with others, and my thanks to you, Kathy, for the sweet surprise! ~Sharyl

    1. Sharyl-I am always stunned when I see my jewelry in a publication or blog too. It is a great feeling. I am glad you were pleased. I think you will like what I did with it.

  2. Those are all amazing and it is so hard to pick a favorite. I do love the colors in the first bracelet, though. It seems to flow so effortlessly.

    I will also be back to see what you did with Sharyl's component. I love that shade of purple.

    1. Tanya-Thanks and please do stop by to see Sharyl's lovely component in my necklace. I feel I did justice to it.

  3. Yay, Kathy! I always love the jewelry that you make. The purple lotus flower earrings are really cool! Also love the stacked bracelet. Thanks for mentioning the August hop, too. I can't wait to see what you do with Sharyl's lovely bird component.

  4. Dear Kathy,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE bracelets number one and two; number one is in my personal favorite colorway. Bracelet two is just as beautiful and I love charm bracelets, period. YES, I love your design style without question!! The earrings are very pretty and I enjoyed reading about the yoga theme and how you are incorporating it; I really like the ceramic lotus drops. Great job overall in all the designs you displayed here.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and visiting my blog!

  5. You are very much inspired .LOVE all your designs.

  6. Really pretty set of bracelets, love how you picked out the colour combinations!

  7. SO many!!! Love em all, but my favorite is the first one :)