Monday, July 21, 2014

Art Bead Scene Comes Alive with Suburban Girl Studio Ceramics

The Little Mermaid, 1911 by Edmund Dulac 

This month's July 2014 Art Scene Challenge is this illustration of "The Little Mermaid" which was prepared by Edmund Dulac for the 1911 Edition of Stories from Hans Andersen.  it was one of those accompanying the tale of "The Mermaid".

 It is associated with the following text: 'If the polyps should seize you, when you go back through my wood,' said the witch, 'just drop a single drop of this liquid on them, and their arms and fingers will burst into a thousand pieces.' But the little mermaid had no need to do this, for at the mere sight of the bright liquid, which sparkled in her hand like a shining star, they drew back in terror. So she soon got past the wood, the bog, and the eddying whirlpools.

I focused on the watery liquid of the picture and passage from the book.   I pictured some of the sea creatures in it.

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 I love the pretty aqua shades and the sea creatures.  I dipped into my art bead stash and and selected some ceramics by Suburban Girl Studios.  I used 2 handcrafted porcelain seashell connectors with a sandy glaze and aqua starfish pendant connector from Suburban Girls Studios.  I even parted with a beautiful silk ribbon with lots of shades of pastel blues and pinks that remind me of the water.  I think that the aqua sea glass beads are a great fit as are the red tear drop beads.  I made the sterling silver clasp.

How do you think that I did capturing the feel of the water? 


  1. That necklace is flat out gorgeous! You really outdid yourself this time.

  2. So many beautiful elements in this necklace, and the whole design is beautifully finished. Lovely!

  3. Beautiful design. You really embraced the theme this month. Excellent job.

  4. This necklace has that shimmery effect of ripples on the water. I love the colors and the starfish charm is perfect. Thank you for participating in the Art Bead Scene Challenge for July! Enjoy the day! Erin