Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday-SUP

My Stand Up Paddleboard
Bead Table Wednesday was started by Heather Powers and is for sharing what is on our bead table.  This week I have a pair of earrings inspired by SUP.

If you don't know what SUP means that means you don't live near a body of water like an ocean, river, lake, or pond.  SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboarding.  I found a wonderful article on how the get started with stand up paddleboarding.  It is a great sport that you can get into for about $1,000.  That will get you a good board and paddle.  You can also rent the equipment just about anywhere near a body of water.  I always recommend renting equipment before investing.  You can even get inflatable ones which makes the board extremely portable.  This type comes with its own air pump, paddle and traveling case.  I don't recommend starting out with an inflatable one, but after you master a regular one, you would be fine with the inflatable and can enjoy the benefits of having a very portable board that can even go on an airplane.

Lewes Beach Delaware
The advantage to this new sport is that it enables you to enjoy the sights and sounds of a body of water and get a great work out.  I have tried this out on Blackwater Sound in the Florida Keys and Lewes Beach Delaware.  My first ocean venture was Sunday morning when the beach was relatively empty.  I didn't want an audience!  I did pretty well for my first venture on the ocean.  I did learn that 1 foot waves are not idea for a novice like me.  I may do some more practicing on the pond by our home before giving the ocean another try.  It was a lot of fun and I highly recommending giving it a try.
As I mentioned my adventure gave me the inspiration for a great pair of beachy earrings.
Seashell Earrings by BayMoonDesign
I love the yellow of the lampwork and the delicate shells.  What looks like sand on the yellow is a fun feature on these earrings.  I think they are perfect earrings for a summer day and are available for purchase HERE.

What are your thoughts on this new sport?  Have you given it a try?

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  1. Gorgeous earrings! Especially loved the touch of sand on the seashell earrings. Also, good on you for trying something new like SUP. Good tip about the waves and how it is better to start this sport on calmer bodies of water. It's definitely more of a challenge on the ocean and on rivers with strong currents.

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