Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday Inspired by the Water that Surrounds Crisfield, Maryland

Crisfield, Maryland

Bead Table Wednesday
Bead Table Wednesday is designed by Heather Powers to help share what is on our table today.   Today I have a pair of completed earrings that remind me of drops of water.  These pale green earrings have ceramics by Suburban Girl Studio.  The earrings are available for purchase in my online store.
Water drop earrings by Bay Moon Design

The inspiration for these water drop earrings came from a visit today to Crisfield, Maryland.   Crisfield's heritage is on the water, it has many points of access to the Tangier Sound and Chesapeake Bay.  The site of today's Crisfield was initially a small fishing village called Annemessex Neck. During European colonization, it was renamed Somers Cove.   The name Somers Cove is used in the town.

Somers Cove
When the business potential for seafood was discovered, John W. Crisfield decided to bring the Pennsylvania Railroad to Crisfield, and the quiet fishing town grew. Crisfield is now known as the "Seafood Capital of the World".  The city's success was so great that the train soot and oyster shells prompted the extension of the city's land into the marshes. City residents often claim that the downtown area is literally built atop oyster shells.

downtown Crisfield 2014

Crisfield began to slip into decline along with the declining health of the Chesapeake Bay, prompting a "strategic revitalization plan" to address the city's future needs. Currently, Crisfield is largely a tourist destination.

Lots of water views in Crisfiled

 It hosts many annual events and festivals, the most prominent of which is the National Hard Crab Derby. Crisfield is also a major gateway to Smith Island and Tangier Island.

Boat to Smith Island or Tangier Island     
Crustaceans are the center of this town's focus.  They are everywhere!  Crisfield's largest event is the annual National Hard Crab Derby & Fair, held every Labor Day weekend, which began in 1947. Major highlights of the Crab Derby include a parade through Main Street, the Little Miss, Little Mr. and Miss Crustacean Pageants, the Boat Docking Contest, the Crab Picking contest, and the Crab Bowl.
Blue Crab is honored on this local sign

Blue Crab and the state flower--black eyed Susan

Our trip today had the main purpose of eating a soft shell crab!  Mission Accomplished!
Soft shell crabs ready to eat

These cages are used to catch crabs in the water

Shedding floats that keep  crabs
Have  you ever had soft shell crabs and if so how did you like them?

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