Monday, October 27, 2014

Art Bead Scene's October Challenge

Available for Purchase at BayMoonDesign

This magenta necklace  is inspired by October's Art Bead Scene Challenge.  Milton Avery's painting Autumn is the inspiration piece.

Milton Avery's Autumn is this month's inspiration piece

Milton Avery is a wonderful colorist and designer of two-dimensional patterns in the tradition of Matisse.  He uses color and elegant expanse of shape relating to nature.
His landscapes often use interlocking shapes of color.  The vivid magenta in the middle of the painting and the navy blue leaf just jumped out at me. The rest of the painting has very traditionally autumn colors. I have to admit that these colors were a real challenge for me.

Available for purchase at BayMoonDesign

It wasn't until I found the magenta, pink, black and yellow spiral focal by Marsha Neal that I was able to move forward with the necklace.  I pulled in orange autumn colors by using copper and natural brass.  The focal has copper added to it and it has 3 natural brass chains incorporated into it. The chains have brown and blue leaves dangling from it.  The copper bar in the focal is handmade. I selected magenta coin pearls, cream, navy blue, and pink beads to include in the necklace. I created the circular, copper clasp to mirror the circles in the focal. I love the boho look of this autumn necklace.

This month the Art Bead Scene has mixed things up a bit with our challenge. They are now using Pinterest as the place to show off the entries. And there is a bead category for beadmakers to enter. So jump on over to the Art Bead Scene to check out the challenge and see what everyone has made.


  1. Excellent color harmonies. Love it.

  2. I loved that painting when it was revealed as the October challenge. My travel schedule didn't give me time to participate in this one, but it's really exciting to see how you've translated it in this design! The dark blue and magenta are an unexpectedly elegant combination, and the way you anchored them with ivory and then added that darker pink - oh my!