Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Online Store Arrives at the Pacific Ocean--Coast to Coast at Last

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We finally reach the Pacific Ocean!  Our first stop was San Clemente which is located on the California  midway between Los Angeles and San Diego.  It is a beautiful city of about 65,000 and it is know for its ocean, hill, and mountain views, a pleasant climate.  I think that its Spanish Colonial style architecture which is everywhere make it a real gem to visit.

Amtrak train travels along the coast

 I spotted an Amtrak train that goes along the coast.  I found that an unusual sight and not something that I have ever seen before. I bet it would be a beautiful trip to take.

San Clemente use to be an a small,  peaceful surfers' town.  The beach is very much central to the it.  It has lots of great spots to enjoy the sun, surf, and food. 

Shore birds
I couldn't resist putting my toes in the water and wishing I had time to try my newly developed standup paddleboard skills in the Pacific Ocean.  I did spot some standup paddle boards along the beach so I know others are enjoying the sport there.  I also couldn't resist taking some photos of the the local birds enjoying the beach.  If you are familiar with my Bay Moon Design Jewelry, you know I incorporate birds in my designs.  I also use shells and sea glass that I find on the beach.  Sadly, no shells of sea glass to be found today.

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