Monday, October 6, 2014

My Online Store Travels to See the Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia

Yosemite National Park has three groves of ancient Giant Sequoia trees; the Mariposa Grove (500 trees), the Tuolumne Grove (25 trees), and the Merced Grove (20 trees).   This tree grows larger in volume than any other and is one of the tallest and longest-lived. Giant sequoias are perhaps the largest living things on Earth.  The oldest giant sequoias may exceed 3,000 years in age.

Look at the difference in size between the car and Giant Sequoia!

I have seen photos of this tree, but unless you see it next to something like the car below, it is really hard to grasp how large these trees are.  I also didn't realize that there are so many of them and in 3 groves.

Mariposa Grove

 We took a narrated tram ride around the grove which took about 2 hours.  We also had time to enjoy a little hiking.  I enjoying the colors in the grove.  I love the deep, rich reddish brown and the fresh greens in the trees.  I know I will be incorporation those colors in some future BayMoonDesign jewelry and cards.

I also noticed the different textures in the trees.  Some trees showed there age with missing chunks.  Others showed where they were charred by fire. 

Baby giant sequoia trees  (front right)
 It is good to see the giant sequoia trees reproducing and thriving. 

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