Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Online Store Travels Along the Pacific Coast and Ships Orders

Sea Lions

Our next stop along the Pacific Coast was our campsite in Moss Landing, California.  This happened to be the spot we picked to have Verizon ship our replacement hot spot.  Much to my glee, it was there when we arrived.  Way to go Verizon!  The campsite also allowed us to leave my BayMoonDesign shipments there for the postal service to pick up.  I appreciate that.  I didn’t really want to hunt down the post office after being on the road for hours. 

 Another huge benefit that came with the campsite was it was located next to a boat harbor where there were a lot of sea lions.  It was fun watching them lay on the docks sunning themselves.  I especially liked listening to them barking.  This campsite was our base of operation for visiting Central California's Pacific coast.

Cannery Row
We planned to visit the Monterery Aquariums in the city of Monterey.. It is located at the ocean's edge on historic Cannery Row.  This historic waterfront district on Monterey Bay was made famous by writer John Steinbeck, who illustrated Cannery Row life in his colorful stories.

A Statue of Stteinbeck by Cannery Row
The aquarium lived up to its reputation as being world class.  I especially enjoyed the jelly fish displays.  Since I love being in the water snorkeling, swimming, standup paddle boarding, I am always on the lookout for jellies.  I try hard to avoid them when at all possible.  I am interested in learning which are harmless and which are dangerous.  The display there clarified that for me.  They also have huge tanks with all sorts of huge fish like hammerhead sharks and tunas.  The setting for the aquarium along the Pacific is another plus.  It is also very kid friendly with lots of hands on activities.

Jelly Fish

World-renowned Carmel-by-the-Sea  also lived up to its reputation as being a European-style village along the coast with charming houses built into the hills.  This town is know to have inspired artists, sparked romances, and attracted celebrities for decades.  It is a great town to enjoy walking through.  There are hundreds of Carmel shops, restaurants, wine tasting, art galleries, and more.

Point Lobos State Park was another spot that we selected for hiking and enjoying the coastline.
I was able to photograph this Scrub Jay there.  I am very proud of the photo and I am sure that it will inspire a piece of jewelry for my Bay Moon Design shop.  I love the pale blues and grays of this bird. 

Scrub Jay
State Route 1 (SR 1) is a major north-south state highway that runs along most of the Pacific coastline of the U.S. state of California. The highway is famous for running along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the United States.  We enjoyed the scenery and took advantage of the many turnouts available to enjoy the vistas.
State Route 1, California

Our next stop is the main attraction—Yosemite National Park!

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